Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Some things I love

I would like to share some things I love

My new geranium plants I potted up

I love the colours. I love having some flowers in our garden again!

I look forward to when they are covered in blossoms

I have positioned them so I can look from our kitchen, 
passed the lounge room and see them through the window

Recently, I received some handmade products 
I purchased from some lovely ladies

* Katia from Plushka's Craft

Crochet baskets. Great for storing my cotton reels

I love the colours and texture. They are Beautiful! 

* Jelaine from Little Alligator

Mini drawstring bags. Great for storing my crafting tools

I love the fabric prints. They're such versatile bags!

Giant peek-a-boo drawstring bag

Great for storing my crochet stripe blanket and cotton yarn

(I needed a larger bag, as my normal sized Little Alligator
bag was now too small)

This is the perfect size for my growing blanket. . .

(Pepper the Owl, is from Margot at Lolli and Bean)

Katia and Jelaine's handmade creations are beautifully handcrafted

I highly recommend you visit their shops (Katia is on maternity leave. Awaiting the arrival of their firstborn child. Exciting times ahead!)

I have almost finished my crochet stripe blanket. Yay!!
I am doing the border


  1. The pics look fabulous Julia! So glad your beautiful creations and supplies have a happy home! Thanks for the sharing the photos and I can't wait to see your finished blanket! Love Katia's crochet baskets too - just gorgeous.

  2. Thanks Jelaine! My creations and supplies are enjoying their new home. You're most welcome. Sorry I took a while to post photos some of the family were sick last week. The blanket is so soft. I'll share photos soon! Katia's baskets are beautiful in real life


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