Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Little Superheroes

Our children asked me to make superhero masks for them earlier this year.

I completed them on Saturday.

Here they are. . . 

Our children chose the colours they wanted.

The tutorial has 4 printable patterns for making superhero masks.

3 Superheroes in action. Mr 9yr old didn't feel like doing 'the action' part.

Do you have any cheeky superheroes in your family?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Squeeze Cuddles ~ Featured on the internet!

I am a little excited to share that Squeeze Cuddles has been featured 4 times on the internet in recent weeks!

{Featured} on Everything Etsy 

My 'Vintage Summer' embroidery hoop wall art. Bottom left of photo

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Three of my creations have been featured in Etsy treasuries in the last 3 days!

 Jade cloth doll in Dots and patterns treasury

Home embroidery hoop wall art in Pop! treasury

Cherry Blossom embroidery hoop wall art in Orange Florals treasury

It's nice to see my creations being appreciated by others

My Etsy shop closed a while ago

Monday, July 01, 2013

{Inspiration} Cherry Blossom embroidery

I would like to share the inspiration behind the Cherry Blossom wall art I started embroidering on June 22

Image by Squeeze Cuddles

Inspired by the cherry blossoms we saw in Suwon, South Korea 

April 2011 when we adopted our daughter

Available for purchase here

The first cherry blossoms of the season opening to show their exquisite beauty. The air is crisp in South Korea and new buds are sprouting on the branch

For many years I had dreamt of seeing cherry blossoms. My dream came true. They are more exquisite then I had imagined