Friday, July 11, 2014

Part 1 ~ Hello Korea!

안녕하세요 한국
                       Hello Korea!   <-- click link

On July 10 our family visited an art exhibition 

I am thankful our friend Martine told us about it

We wanted to take our children, as Korea has a special place in our hearts

If you are new to following my blog
My husband and I adopted 3 children from South Korea

We try to immerse our children in as much Korean culture as is available to us
and travel back to their birth country when funds allow us too

We love visiting Korea, enjoy the culture, food (I adore) 
and the friendly Korean people

So many beautiful places to see within South Korea

One day, I'll share a post of some of the amazing places we have visited there

We arrived a little early for the art exhibition, 
so we walked through Southbank Parklands

It was very windy, a bit chilly!

During the art exhibition the traditional paintings have anime and cartoon 
characters move through them - Bernard Bear (also known as Bbaekkom), 
Robit China and Taoist Mutul, butterflies, insects, and parachutes. 
Our children loved watching them appear

Watermelon and mice

Eggplant and grasshopper

Pakyon Waterfalls

Hen leading a brood of chickens

Portrait of Kang Se-hwang

A dancing boy

Party with nobleman over seventy

Painting of Plum flowers

I do not have the names of the next 4 paintings

I hope you enjoyed viewing the beautiful traditional paintings

This is 'Part 1 ~ Hello Korea' of our Art experience

Have a lovely weekend!

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