Thursday, December 11, 2014


Hubby arrived home on Monday. He traveled to Japan with a friend

A 10 day trip!

( Origami paper and Washi tape. Love these!! )

( Lollies and an Eraser set for the kids )

Our friend showed my hubby various parts of Japan for when we go back

Hopefully. . . next year!!!

. . . for our 20th Wedding Anniversary 

  ( A beautiful handbag for me. I love it! )

( Fabric colour is dark burgundy with a thin navy blue stripe )

Very elegant! 

I was so happy when they arrived home

To help restore my sanity!!

( More treats to share. Sakura Kit Kat is yummy )

( Chocolate with Almond is so good )

( Crackers, Lollies and Marshmallows )

We all missed Abba (Dad)

( Various facial masks ) 

The kids have welcomed him home with squeeze cuddles, 
tickles, 'pancake Abba' (they all lie on top of Abba and laugh their heads off)

It has been wonderful to have him home again!!

Hubby bought me a surprise gift 
from Miyajima Island

So pretty! 

Since I was a little girl I have loved jewellery 

My dear Grandmother used to call me 'Jewels'

Have a lovely day, Julia

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