Monday, November 03, 2014

Baby needed mending

Our daughter has a favourite cuddly toy. She named her 'Baby'

We think Miss Y believes Baby is real 

The way she gives her cuddles, bucket loads of kisses and talks to her

Miss Y has had Baby for just over 3 years

They first met when we adopted Miss Y

As you can tell she has been loved immensely during this time

Baby has had many bubble baths 

in the washing machine (using a laundry bag)

Drying takes such a long time for our 4 1/2 year old

A few months ago, I searched the internet trying to source a brand new one

Hard to find and now they are expensive

It was time for Baby to visit Squeeze Cuddles Hospital

The fabric on her dress is thinning out

Some stains I have not been able to remove

I have mended some of the kids toys


extra care was needed for Baby

as she is so precious to our daughter

Beautiful crochet basket is from Katia at Plushka's Craft

Delicate stitching near her eyes

Miss Y was {giggling with excitement} when Baby was feeling better

She received an instant kiss and squeeze cuddles

Plus, 'Thank you Omma (Mum)'

Gleefully ran off to the lounge room to snuggle

under her quilt ~ handmade by Halmeoni (Grandmother)

Precious moments!

Have you mended any of your children's favourite cuddly toys?

Julia xx

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