Saturday, May 24, 2014

Enjoying Life!

안녕하세요 (Annyeong haseyo)  Hello!

I've enjoyed having my Hubby on holidays

We've been doing yard work. . .

 Plants we removed months ago

Finished removing the plants. We did 4 trips to the rubbish dump

We'll grass this area, so our children have more room to play.

We celebrated Mr J's 10th Birthday (can't believe our baby has hit double digits)

My Mum offered to make a Birthday cake for Mr J 

He jokingly suggested a Cinderella cake

Mr J has a quirky sense of humour

When he saw the cake he had the biggest smile.

Hubby's work dinner at Jun Japanese - Malaysian Cuisine at Wishart

The food was Delicious!!

Here's some of the dishes everyone tried. . .

Entree~ Pickled vegies

Reminded us of Kimchi 

Fried tofu with chilli sauce

We also tried a Chicken Hotpot. One of my favourites!!

Chilli Crab

I'm not a big fan of crab. The sauce was good with rice

Chilli Prawns

Never thought I'd say it, however, we tried stingray
Forgot to take a photo. It tasted like fish

Green beans with Anchovies

Mee Goreng

My photo of Nasi Goreng disappeared. It was my favourite dish!!

Dessert~ Sticky rice


Dessert~ Red Ruby

My favourite of the desserts. Yum!!

Some other things we've done during my Hubby's holidays. . .

Cleaned out our boys bedroom, replaced their old bookcase with new metal filing cabinets in ripple black (less chance they can destroy them).

Shopping at Lorna Jane for me. I've been exercising since earlier this year and needed new workout gear. I've been doing a mix of TurboFireusing our treadmill and eating healthier. I've lost 17cm and 4.2kg. Here's a clip of my favourite TurboFire class {Fire 30}

We enjoyed Vietnamese for lunch this week.

Last year, I found a granny stripe blanket design on Pinterest
Guess what? I decided to make one!!

I bought Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton yarn

The colours are delicious!

It is soft and beautiful to work with

This is where I'm at with my 'work in progress'

I wanted to try this design. 
I prefer it to the traditional granny square blanket.

I store my crochet yarn in a gorgeous Little Alligator drawstring bag 
handcrafted by the lovely Jelaine.

For Mother's Day I made tissue pouches for family and friends

I made my tissue pouch out of my favourite 'Flower Sugar' fabric
I only have a small piece of fabric left

I have been wanting to decorate our outdoor table for a while. This week I bought cute white pots, Viola's in a sunshiny yellow and dark purple, a pale green dish from Daiso (to catch any wax from the candle) and a beautiful Zanzibar lantern from Bunnings.

A little piece of Happiness! 

With my pocket money I purchased some clothing from Wanderlust. I have admired Trish's handmade gorgeousness for a while. Here's what I bought. . .

Floral butterflies skirt by Wanderlust Clothing

Japanese peacock floral skirt by Wanderlust Clothing

Red oriental floral (kimono sleeve) top by Wanderlust Clothing

Cherry blossom (kimono sleeve) dress by Wanderlust Clothing

Oversized cowl neck vest by Wanderlust Clothing

The clothing is so comfy to wear! 

I have received some lovely compliments

Yesterday, we bought a fire pit to toast marshmallows
Our children said it reminds them of camping

It will be great for our next camping trip for cooking our food

Last night we enjoyed some outdoor time before our children went to bed

I had squeeze cuddles with our daughter, Miss Y

We enjoyed the flickering flame of the candle
 in my new lantern

Hubby and the boys had fun playing with a remote control helicopter
and kicking a ball around

Mr D decided it was time to run around the backyard 
with his shirt over his head.
He has a crazy sense of humour!

If you've made it to the end of this post
Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoyed it

I wanted to share some of my 'enjoying life' moments

I hope life has been treating you well!

Julia xx


  1. I love that peacock skirt Julia! Thanks for sharing your life moments, it's wonderful to have time with the family as well as time to make. Your blanket looks awesome so far!!

  2. It is Divine, Rachel. So colourful and I love the gold outline in the print. You're welcome! I'm happy you enjoyed reading my blog post. It has been blissful to have family time and creating. Thank you!! I love the softness of the yarn. Can't wait until it's finished and snuggle under it with our children. . . and hubby, of course

  3. Yes you are sharing the Wanderlust love too! And that blanket is gorgeous x

  4. Absolutely Karen! I love my Wanderlust. Thank you, I'm enjoying making it


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