Monday, January 20, 2014

Back to School

Our 3 children are back to school next week

Can't believe the holidays are almost over!

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Last week I was covering books, putting their names on pencils, 

oil pastel crayons, calculators, text books, rulers. . .

Crazy how long it takes

I bought new school shorts for one of our boys, too

I remembered, I needed to make a library bag for our daughter

Made it today

Our baby will be starting Kindy (Pre Prep)

The time has flown by!! 

I hand stitched Yuna's name onto her library bag

She said 'I can eat cherries all day'

Hubby says it looks good

Our eldest son will start Year 5

Our 2nd son starts Year 2

Our daughter starts Kindy

What grade are your children starting this year? 

Are you ready for packing lunches?

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