Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Big day at the Ekka

On Monday August 12 we took our children to the Ekka for the first time

They were so excited to go! 

We went with our friends. It was great to share the experience

Here's our son with the kissing fish

How adorable are these ducklings?

The animal nursery was a hit

Love the detail on this chooks feathers

Beautiful calf

Sideshow alley

It was a busy day at the Ekka

One of my favourite games when I was a child

If I was on this ride I would have the same facial expressions as the lady on the left

The show bag pavilion was packed

By late afternoon it was time to rest our sore feet

At the center arena we saw horse jumping

Wood chopping

Extremely loud Devil's Taxi 

The Rooftop Express Show was good

During the singing of the Australian anthem

These guys were very talented

You could feel the heat 

During the fireworks display there was a guy flying with a jetpack, quad bikes with kites flying behind them and fireworks attached to it, laser light show, and Ironman dropped by

One of the fireworks entertainers

On the way home our children said they had fun and we couldn't wait to climb into our comfy beds

Hope you've had a great day, Julia 

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