Monday, June 17, 2013

Fun in a box

School holidays begin at the end of this week

I thought this post may give you an idea of a fun activity for the holidays

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A few weeks ago we purchased a box of Crayola chalk 

for our children from the local supermarket

It was only $5 for a box of 52 sticks. Great value!

After our children finished their homework 

It was time to get creative

Each of our 3 children have their own style of drawing

They were busy creating their pieces of art for an hour

We left their masterpieces to look at each time we went in the backyard

A few days later it rained and their artwork washed away

No need to worry about it not coming off

We'll be setting up the jumping castle during the holidays 

Our children have been itching to use it as we've had rain in recent weeks 

Do you have any suggestions for fun activities to do during school holidays? 

Please add your comment below. Thank you!

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