Monday, May 27, 2013

Embroidery Thread and Washi Tape

I saw a cute image on Pinterest last week 

to organise embroidery thread.

The image is from Mrs Jones blog 

Colourful and organised! I love it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

A few weeks ago, I purchased a fishing tackle box to store 

my embroidery thread. Last week I purchased some wooden pegs. 

The fishing tackle box was a bit boring so I pulled out my stash 

of washi tape and started decorating it. Huge improvement! 

Now it's a pretty embroidery thread storage box.

It took a long time to wind my embroidery threads onto each 

wooden peg. Good thing I have a small stash of threads! 

It was worth the effort.

I used a pencil to label some pegs with the thread numbers.

Most of my embroidery threads are from cross stitches I completed 

years ago. Most of the pegs are not labelled due to this reason.

If I need to take my craft with me I have my embroidery threads, 

pins, needles and scissors ready to go!

Do you have a creative way to store your embroidery threads? 


  1. Thanks for the shout out and the link! Your embroidery is absolutely lovely and inspiring!


    Mrs. Jones

    1. You're welcome Heather. Thank you for your sweet comment! I love the 'Berries for the Teachers' gift wrapping. I'll use this for our children's teachers at the end of school this year. They are so pretty!

      Julia xox


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