Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Love at home

I love my Family ~ my husband and our 3 children.

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We enjoy kisses, many squeeze cuddles, bedtime tickles with our children and the laughter. 

We each have different personalities and sense of humour.

We enjoy sharing meals together, especially home cooked Korean meals ~ like Dakgalbi, Korean fruit salad, Kimchi Bokkumbap, Yubu Chobap, Kimchi and Gamja Jorim

We share the good times and the not so good. 

We cherish the unconditional love we have for each other.

Image via Saturday Designs

Home is where you hang your heart!

What do you love most about your home environment?


  1. I love the noise my sister and I make when we giggle. My hubby reckons it's too loud. :)
    I love you dinner table. Lots of Korean food.

    1. Sue~ It sounds like you have so much fun with your sister. A good giggle is soothing for your soul. Thank you! Everyone enjoyed eating it ~ Julia


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